Section I – Product Identification


Product Name: Sun Gold

Product Number: N/A

Product Class: Concentrated all purpose cleaner

Section II – Hazardous Ingredients


% Threshold Limit Value

CorrosiveNone 0 0
CatalystNone 0 0
VehicleWater N/A N/A
SolventsNone 0 0
DOT Hazard ClassNot Required N/A N/A
EPA Reportable QuantityNot Regulated N/A N/A

Section III – Physical Data

Boiling PointN/A
Evaporation RateNil
Wt/Gal10 lbs.
Solubility in WaterYes
Vapor PressureN/A
Vapor DensityN/A

Section IV – Fire and Explosion Data

Flash PointNone to 400 deg.
Extinguishing MediaWater, CO2
Fire Fighting ProcedureNone, special cool material, Material solvable in water
Fire and Explosion HazardsNone known

Section V – Reactivity Data

Hazardous PolymerizationWill not occur
Hazardous DecompositionNone known
Conditions to AvoidNone known
IncompatibilityProlonged burning may produce Oxides of carbon, nitrogen, or sulfur.

Section VI – Health Hazards

Primary Routes of EntryDermal, inhalation, and ingestion
Effects of OverexposureAvoid contact with eyes, possible eye irritant. Upon contact, flush thoroughly with water. If irritation continues, consult a physician.
Medical Condition Prone Aggravation By ExposureNo restrictive medical conditions known, possible dehydrating aggravation upon contact with skin disorder.

Emergency and First Aid Procedures

EyesFlush with running water for 15 minutes
SkinFlush affected area with water.

Section VII – Spill or Leak Procedures

Steps to be taken in case of spill or leakageRecover all usable material. Small spills flush with hot water. For large spills, spread with absorbent material, place in closed container then flush with water.
Waste Disposal MethodHaul to approved dump. Material is biodegradable. Wash residue to sewer with hot water. Follow all applicable government regulations.

Section VIII – Special Protection Information

Other ProtectionNone required

Section IX – Special Precautions


Precautions to be taken in handling and storage. Spilled material is slippery on walkways and highways. Store above 32 degrees F. Avoid excessive heat.