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General Usage

General Usage Mix it Light 1 pint makes 24 Gallons (1 tsp. per 1 quart of hot water) Use on glass, plexiglass, stainless steel, chrome, mirrors, windshields, helmets, etc… Note: Because we do not use ammonia, if you mix Sun Gold too heavy or spray on too much you can get smears or have to […]


ALL-IN-ONE CARPET CLEANER Works Great on TOUGH STAINS like: Blood Candle Wax Chocolate Coffee Glue Grape Juice Grease Gum Hair Dye Ink Oil Paint Pet Stains Soda Tar Water Stains Wine


RESTAURANTS & KITCHENS Fryer Boil-Out Flat-Top Grills Stainless Steel Floors Filters Countertops Towels Walls Ovens Carbon Removal

Quilting and Sewing

QUILTING & SEWING SHOPS Works Great On: Grease Pencils and Marks on Fabrics Safe on Wool Washables Spray Adhesive on Hoops Cleaning Table Tops Scuff Marks on Sewing Machine Covers & More Carpets & Floors Safe on Quilts

Boutiques and Clothing Stores

BOUTIQUES & CLOTHING STORES Deodorant Stains Lipstick & Makeup Stains Ink, Markers & more! Hanger Marks on Dressing Room Walls Counter Tops & Fixtures Carpet Stains

Interior Designs and Furniture Stores

INTERIOR DESIGNS & FURNITURE STORESWorks Great On: Stains on Fabric Furniture Cleaning Leather Carpet Stains Oil Build-up on Wood Furniture Cleaning Mirrors & Glass Black Marks on Mattresses Stains on Pillow top Mattress

Carpet Tile and Hardware Stores

CARPET & TILE/HARDWARE STORESWorks Great On: Grout Cleaning Carpet Stains & Use with Carpet Machines Wood Flooring Tile Outside Grills Aluminum Door Frames Fireplaces/Glass Inserts

Schools and Preschools

SCHOOLS & PRESCHOOLSWorks Great On: Crayon Marks on Chairs & Tables Sticky Residue Marker from Dry Erase Boards Play Doe Tape Residue On Carpet Cleaning Table Tops & Much More Stains on clothing Safe, Non-Toxic

Automotive Boats Campers

AUTOMOTIVE, BOATS, CAMPERSWorks Great On: Upholstery Leather Headliner Stains Carpets/Floor Mats Wheels/Rims Awnings Black Streaks on Sides of Campers/Boats Mildew off Vinyl


EQUINE Mane Wood, Bits, Tack Manure & Urine Stains Saddle Pads, Blankets, and Breeches Silver, Brass, Copper, & Aluminum Brass Name Plates, Hands, & Hoofs Stalls & Woodwork Aluminum Trailers